About the Game

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Set among the isolated remains of an evacuated research station, a team of six looting adventurers are ambushed by a violent form of new alien life. Caught unprepared and blocked from signaling their ship to escape, the crew is left to fend off the horde, struggling for survival until a way out becomes clear.

Assuming control of these ill-fated explorers, players must plan together and think critically, combining unique character skills with limited supplies in order to push back against waves of encroaching enemies. Throughout the conflict, game-altering boss creatures with devastating abilities will appear. Destroying these powerful creatures seems to weaken the distortion blocking the crew from signaling to their ship.

Can your team survive the onslaught? Or is the crew of the Dawn Sweeper bound for a dreadful fate?


Two versions for each of the six unique playable characters!

Character classes clockwise from top left: Gunslinger, Tactician, Demolitions Expert, Mechanic, Sniper, Vanguard